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The authority on issues affecting the U.S. borders, representing a solid network of business leaders, chambers of commerce and industry, academic institutions, economic development corporations, industrial parks, transport companies, customs brokers, defense companies, manufacturers and state and local government agencies.

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- Nelson Balido

Nelson Balido: Homeland Security too important to be sidelined by spatThis time the security of our nation’s borders and the ability to keep trade flowing is at stake. [...]

- Nelson Balido

Nelson Balido: 114th Congress’ back-to-school (border) guideI figured now is as good time as any for all of you, regardless of party and tenure, to get a primer [...]

- Nelson Balido

Opinion: The next U.S. Defense Secretary should pay attention to Mexico and our borders, here’s whyThere are various scenarios with ISIL that could play out south of the border that Sec. Carter shoul [...]

- Nelson Balido

Opinion: Hispanic media are fostering bad assumptions on immigrationWhen Latino media dwells on a sole issue, English-language pundits make the lazy assumption that it [...]

- Nelson Balido

Opinion: Immigration overreach is not the answer to a permanent solutionThe president apparently wasn’t in a mood to wait around for Congress or take advice from the one me [...]

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