John Renison | Regional President

John Renison | Regional President

John Renison is Chief Executive Officer at Britton & Company, a Customhouse Brokerage firm established in 1944 along the Southwest Border of the United States. John represents Mexican Manufacturers that have a global presence and are key players within cross border trade operations.

John is also Founder of Piggyback Technologies, a crowd sourced on demand same day delivery start up, currently in app development and investor pitch mode. The idea is to disrupt the shipping industry and make same day shipping a collaborative community effort.

Piggyback’s market niche is just about anything that needs to get delivered within the same day or even within the hour. Whether its in store pick ups from online purchases, trade show and convention deliveries, Piggyback enable users to locate pre screened drivers to get the job done, taking advantage of your daily established transit routes.

Based on his 18+ experience in global logistics, John has gained much exposure to the just in time shipping expectations from consumers.

John attended the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation for Senior Executives and holds a Professional Certificate on Innovation and Strategy from the Harvard University DCE.